Shing Mun Redoubt
the major entrenchment along the Gin Drinker's Defence Line

The History

Built in 1938, it was the key land defence of Kowloon and Hong Kong from the north.

The map shows the key position of land defence from the north.

Scratch Map from the insert

Legend for the 3D model shown below

The Site Infrastructure

Tunnels were named clearly

An old street map of London with same names

The Physical Location

In between the Shing Mun Reservoir and the Smugglers Ridge

Routing from the reservoir, M124 will be in sight.

Warning signs denote the physical location.

The Site Visit

Friday, 21 March 2008

Starting from 402 Pillbox at Piccadilly

Next to the warning sign, move up to the 402 Pillbox where a section of open entrenchment can be found.

Passages and stairs

Enough for standing

402 Pillbox

402 Pillbox

Short move to Regal Palace Hotel

There is a sign of Regal Palace Hotel. Was it a hotel? Not really. Was it a hospital? May be. However, the tunnel is almost blocked.

Tunnel to Regal Palace Hotel

Hotel is blocked

Going along Hay Market to 403 Pillbox

A long but fast moving tunnel leads to the 403 Pillbox.

To 403 Pillbox

403 Pillbox

403 Pillbox

Quick moving from Regent Street to 401 Pillbox via Oxford Street

A long journey to the 401 Pillbox where two sets of pillboxes should be found.

Junction of Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue

Junction of Regent Street and Oxford Street

Junction of Regent Street and Oxford Street

Oxford Street

401 Pillbox

Going along Oxford Street to 400 Pillbox

A south bound tunnel with an emergency exit leads to the 400 Pillbox.

400 Pillbox

400 Pillbox

Heading OP & HQ through Shaftesbury Avenue

The short tunnel runs from the East to the West connecting the Oxford Street and the Charing Cross. It has an emergency exit near the junction of the Oxford Street and the Shaftesbury Avenue. The tunnel passes through a number of storage rooms. At the west-bound junction, there is a very short tunnel section going south-bound. There is an open exit to connect the Charing Cross.

At the junction of the Oxford Street and the Shaftesbury Avenue

An emergency exit near the junction

An open exit connecting to the Charing Cross

At the exit, the Japanese army has marked their take-over in writing.

Charing Cross blocked completely

Connecting the Shaftesbury Avenue and the Charing Cross, there is an open junction which can be reached from the MacLehose Trail Stage 6. Charing Cross serves as a tunnel running from there to the observation post (OP) and the Headquarters HQ. Maybe due to the failure of drainage, the tunnel is now completed blocked by sand and mud.

An entrance marked as Charing Cross oppose to the Shaftesbury Avenue

A closer look at the entrance

The tunnel is completed blocked by sand and mud.

Taking MacLehose Trail Stage 6 to OP & HQ

Next to the Charing Cross entrance, it is the Golden Hill L100 (military trail). Take that route up the hill. It leads to the core section of the redoubt - the artillery post. The artillery post was an observation post (OP). It connects to the Headquarters (HQ) which has a number of facilities including communication room, bedrooms, toilets, kitchens, and open entrenchment.

The observation post (OP) looks still intact.

Inside the observation post (OP) is the headquarters (HQ)

Kitchen under OP and HQ

Completing the journey via Shaftesbury Avenue

The last section was a north bound tunnel to the junction where MacLehose Trail Stage 6 joins together.

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