Marine Vessels

PLA Navy 001 Aircraft Carrier 16 Liaoning

PLA Navy 052D Destroyer 175 Yinchuan

PLA Navy 052C Destroyer 171 Haikou

PLA Navy 052C Destroyer 152 Jinan

PLA Navy 054A Frigate 571 Yuncheng

Marine Vessels

PLA Navy 054A Frigate 570 Huangshan

PLA Navy 054A Frigate 538 Yantai

PLA Navy 056 Frigate 596 Huizhou

PLA Navy 056 Frigate 597 Qinzhou

PLA Navy 037-II Missile Boat 772

Marine Vessels

PLA Navy 882kW Port Tugboat Nantuo 169

PLA Navy 033 Submarine 237

Various PLA Navy and Official Vessels

Yuan Wang 6 in Hong Kong

Minsk Aircraft Carrier

Marine Vessels

Russian Slava-class Cruiser Varyag 011

Swedish Submarine Nordkaparen

The Gotheborg in Hong Kong

Fireboat Alexander Grantham

Fireboat 1 Elite

Marine Vessels

HKPF Marine Police Exhibition

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

The Princess Taiping in Hong Kong

Morning Star and Ferries

Jetfoil Hydrofoil Vessel